About Me

Hello! My name is Kimberly Jo Sprenger! Five years into running my business, I’ve gained a reputation for connecting to my viewers on an emotional level. Having shot over 60 weddings along the West Coast and as far as Vermont, Texas and Mexico, I love working with people who I can connect to on an emotional level; those who inspire me and give me the creative freedom to do my best work.

We want to inspire happiness, strength, optimism and courage. Our videos change people’s day in a very meaningful way, creating a lasting impact that might shift perspective or inspire our audience to hug a little tighter and savor what’s in front of them. The videos we create should hit people in the feelers, stop them in their tracks and make them take a second to pause and appreciate what’s going on. They should inspire people to live more fully, be present and do everything with sincerity.

Whether hired to tell the story of a wedding day, promote an artist or showcase an inspirational person, videos always change how our audience feels. We tell stories for what they really are, not what someone wanted them to be.

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Lisa + Bill

highlight wedding film

Angela + Lauron

Full Feature Wedding Film

Allie + Mike


Josh + Kazia

Highlight Wedding FIlm

Kurt + Tina

Teaser Wedding Film

Sharon + Kevin

Full feature film

Story to be Told

We would love to document and capture every aspect of your day! Inquire about Photography+Videography packages to see if we fit within your budget and expectations!

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