I got into photography when film cameras were transitioning into digital. There was something special and precious about film that I feel modern day cameras lack. It was in this start, my roots of capturing moments frame by frame, that storytelling became an ethos I would grow to follow in my years of developing this hobby into a profession.

So how does this directly relate to my direction and style of photography? Even though I consider myself a professional portrait photographer, I am first a storyteller and an artist trying to capture images that resonate with meaning. My early years as a hobbyist with Kodak Gold & FujiFilm Portra carries over to the look and feel of my digital images.

I believe in enjoying the moment regardless of the assignment. I do my best to create in the moment without having to re-create or stage moments and work towards connecting with all my clients. I believe getting to know each other is a critical part of creating amazing and genuine images.

-Mike Yoon

portrait of mike looking towards the horizon backpacking at yellowstone national park, wyoming
picture of road and car in the distance during a cloudy day at yellowstone national park, wyoming
picture of dslr in the middle of road at yellowstone national park, wyoming



landscape image of yostemite upper falls and lower falls during winter
fire burning in a firepit campsite