Sanya + Mike

March 23, 2023 @ Conrad, Los Angeles / Redbird, DTLA

All of the years I have been documenting wedding work and experienced being "in" weddings from start to finish, I have never truly prepared myself for all the emotions and feelings that I experienced on the day of our wedding. Everything from back and forth planning to meticulous decisions for details was truly a feat. My amazing now wife, Sanya overcame the stressful wedding planning with the help of vendors that helped bring our vision to life. I have always heard from past clients that most of the day really does happen as a blur and now I truly understand what they meant. The photos really did help us remember and re-live a lot of really touching moments that we both did not remember due to how much was going on the wedding day. I can't thank our vendors enough for all the efforts that were put in. We’re more than grateful for the amazing staff / food / space at Redbird and particularly a big thank you to our photographer Nicole @ for guiding us through photos and keeping us on schedule. What a truly memorable day to remember. S+M forever.🫶🏻