Just a little bit of context / background, I've been shooting wedding work for a little over 11 years now and as much as I still love to make my mark/impact with clients celebrating their big day, I am realizing now that my talents do not have to stay only within capturing content for only that impact, but can be done in other areas of photography as well. So I ventured out to shoot for Ecuagenera's "Open House" event which took place in June. Ecuagenera is one of the largest 'rare-plant' nurseries based in Ecuador, South America with 2 major nurseries in the states, one in Apopka, FL and the other closer to me in Bonsall, CA. It was great to be down there just hanging, shooting pictures of aroids that I've been familiar / collecting since 2021, helping out customers with my knowledge/experience of growing aroids and just vibing in general. As my journey as a photographer / artist ventures out into other areas of being 'creative' per say, I am happy to have had this amazing opportunity and looking forward to more possible collaborations with businesses that can benefit from my work/impact through photography:).