Dark Tropics 'Rare-Plant' Collection

My affinity for caring and collecting plants originally first started as a means of adding some greenery to my work area as a reminder to get up and water the plants and doing so also helped re-connect my memory of my mom who passed in 2012 to cancer as well as my aunt in 2021 also to cancer. They were both very fond of caring for plants as my mom primarily tended to orchids while my aunt was a florist for most of her later years and tended to California native species. My rare-plant journey has taken me from a simple monstera to over 180+ plant genuses which eventually settled to about 120 now with 80% of them being "Anthuriums". Here is my curated collection of Anthuriums I am currently in awe of due to how beautiful the new leaves grow and how different each plant looks genetically.



Rory Antolak - RA1 x self



Scott Cohen - OG x OG (pre-numbering)





Rio Guanche Ecotype





Indonesia - Variegated Papillilaminum x Ace of Spades

Anthurium Carlablackiae

One of the most fascinating plant species part of my collection originally discovered/collected by Mrs. Carla Black (a horticulturist living in Prov. Chiriquí, Panama). With so much genetic variability within species collected in the wild and very close knit community carrying specific ecotypes of this particular species I created a graphic that outlines this particular genetic diversity with the help of @checksandplants who gathered the images of the numbered carla's within a range of collectors to pool together a reference guide to be able to differentiate the types.

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Beauty in the Unique

As more and more hybrids are being created within passionate anthurium enthusiasts, the possibilities are truly endless with what can come within these species.

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