I had the pleasure of covering one of my childhood friend's wedding day! Having rain in the forecast didn't stop them from enjoying their memorable day and turned out for some amazing lighting and shots! Having known Zach since I was in grade school it was truly surreal seeing these two tie the knot. Nothing but awesome vibes and best wishes to them both:).

groomsmen getting ready at hyatt regency valencia
groom putting on white button up preparation for wedding day
best man helping groom with button
groom adjusting shirt in front of mirror
groom helping put on bow tie at hyatt regency
groom putting on vest preparation for wedding
groom adjusting vest in mirror
best man helping groom put on jacket
groom checking if fit is okay in front of mirror
groom pouring patron drink in glasses for groomsmen
groomsmen cheer-sing drinks
bride shoes, earrings, and rings on top of bed
bride's wedding dress hanging in hotel
closer shot of dress details for bride
bride getting her makeup adjusted
bride getting her dress adjusted by bridesmaid
mother of bride adjusting veil for bride
mother of bride helping bride put on her wedding heels
mother making last adjustments for bride's dress
bride and bridal party cheer-sing drinks
bride approaching groom for first look at hyatt regency valencia hallway
first look with bride and groom at hyatt regency hallway
groom turning around to see bride for first time in wedding dress
groom looking at bride in wedding dress
groom looking at bride in wedding dress
groomsmen formal picture standing
groomsmen candid congratulating groom
groom and groomsmen walking candid
groomsmen walking away candid
bride getting dress fluffed by bridesmaids
bride looking while bridesmaids talk