Popular Wedding Photography Styles

Deciding and finalizing a photographer can be a struggle and challenging when there are so many styles of editing amongst many creatives. As I do primarily document the session with the final composition and edit in mind, I prioritize keeping tones as close to how I remember seeing them with my eye.


Crafting moments with optimal lighting being sunset or sunrise creates a soft glowy dreamlike set of tones and exposure leading to a more darker aesthetic. This being my primary / default form of editing I prioritize tones to look relatively sharp and crisp while softening highlights and darkening shadows.

Light + Airy

This type of edit gives the appearance exactly how it sounds, being primarily focused on bringing out shadows and evening highlights the overall look and feel of Light and Airy edits is almost a polar opposite of Moody. I process sets with this style of editing prioritizing white tones and having a higher brightness value of the overall composition.

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