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About Me

About Me

My venture into photography first began with the first adaptations of digital compact sony mirrorless cameras, disposable cameras and film slr’s. There was something special and precious about disposable film in which modern day camera’s still lack in emulating. For instance, with traditional film there was a limit to how many moments you could capture and process. The same went for the early digital cameras with limited amount of memory to capture images. It was in this start, my roots of capturing moments frame by frame that were truly special or relevant in telling a story became a concept I would grow to follow in my years of developing a hobby into a profession.

So how does this directly relate to my direction and style of photography? I feel even though I consider myself a 'professional portrait photographer' I am first a 'storyteller' and a ‘artist’ with an end goal to piece together a meaningful set of images which express a bigger picture. As I grew fond with film in my early years as a hobbyist, more specifically Kodak Gold & FujiFilm Portra, that style simply translated over to the ‘look and feel’ of my digital images today which resembles a traditional or vintage look.

I am a strong believer of enjoying the moment as genuinely as possible regardless of the assignment. As photographers we are expected to capture beautiful imagery that will give others a positive emotional response and a lasting memory of that moment but also conflicted to stage certain moments. I do my best to create in the moment without having to re-create or stage moments and work towards connecting with all my clients. I believe getting to know each other becomes a staple of importance in creating amazing imagery that will look as genuine as possible.

-Mike Yoon